Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 players are turning to coaches soon

In each team and the state There is always the leader, and usually this person be inspiring to his team or the national team as a football player, and it becomes his future after retiring clear and explicit, and is thrust into the world of training, which requires essentially that personal combat stubborn that can win the love of the audience and before players. 
Many of the examples have occurred in the past for the players to have a strong personality and the spirit of leadership, perhaps the most prominent examples of Pep Guardiola, and also as an example of Old Jupp Heynckes, who was a player legendary in the ranks of Borussia Moenchengladbach, and currently resides lot of names that can do that, in this report we monitor you highlighted 10 players would turn for training in the future.

10 - John Terry 
Personal great leadership, at a time he was a candidate to take over the Chelsea training and be a player and coach at the same time, it is expected that once retire over the past few will travel to this area which obviously favored for administrative work. 

9 - Steven Gerrard 
Thinking Gerrard and his vision on the pitch and direction of the players suggests that it will be directed to the field of training inevitably, as I was talking a lot of Liverpool players it stands in the stadium directed them what they are doing, add to that that one of the legends Alliver, Flagueth with the public and the players will be very good, which may helped him to be a successful coach. 

8 - Lucio 
High spirits embodied in the Brazil captain the past, as a strong character and a fighter on the pitch, do not forget a game in the United States in the final of the Confederations Cup in 2009, his spirit and the tensile strength of the hand of the players was the reason for the profit of the title, can be a coach, relying on his strength and intelligence. 

7 - Van der Vaart 
Experience in periodicals different and take the experience out the best way so you know how to run things tactical and technical pitch, Van der Vaart playing in the Dutch league, German, English and Spanish, as he was trained by top coaches Kvan Marwijk and Van-free in the Dutch team, and do not forget it leader on the pitch, so Valamkaneh has available after retirement. 

6 - Franceshko Totti 
Not many speak it possible to qualify those living legend of Rome, Totti is a leader on the pitch all contain sense of the word, is directed to his players at a time, was interfering in the relays, his view of the tactical very acceptable, and the chance of big to be a coach to Rome one day, and will deliver substantial support will help him inevitably to success. 

5 - Xabi Alonso 
Statements Alonso possible to discern that a player has a look tactical very good, centered in the stadium impressed him so much, and with morals high and its ability to contain the anger of the players in more than one occasion, he is the project a good coach just needs to work on himself somewhat even up to an advanced stage. 

4 - Didier Drogba 
No one forgets his team's country Ivory Coast, team without him becoming nothing, do not force nor homogeneity nor anything, in a match Japan Balmundial when he did not play from the beginning of the match played, the losing and once coming off have scored two goals and won, Drogba commander and inspiring excellent, he could be the best coach in the history of African-American, all the attributes represented by the trainers, personal, intelligence, good disposition and most importantly fighting spirit. 

3 - Xavi Hernandez 
Already spoke Spanish press that he had many artistic interventions in the period of illness of the late Tito Vilanova, it is clear that a great coach because he has the potential of philosophy and private non-existent in a lot. 

2 - Bastian Schweinsteiger 
Fighter, feat, wonderful, Bastian .. of its strength and influence was a major cause in the win Germany Balmundial Add to Bayern Munich before him treble, Chweina inspiring and strong very personal, no one can Mgarath Germans or others, even tactically very distinctive, Altaeger a great coach in the future, and his place will be preserved in Bayern and bonuses as well. 

1 - Mario Yepes 
This name may be obscure to many, but in the fact that Yepes is inspiring the first in his country, Colombia, captain of the Colombian and player team San Lorenzo is currently the owner of Alsolat tours in Serie A previously a true leader, in which all the qualities required, his fighting spirit is unmatched and possibly top among everyone, is in Colombia of the myths and also is the most important player in the history of the Colombian ball.
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