Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lampard time champion in England

Frank Lampard has become the hero of time in England, the undisputed, Beginning his goal in front of Chelsea and then his brilliance yesterday to meet with the League Cup against Sheffield Wednesday and scoring twice. 

The Daily Mail devoted several pages to talk about the legend of Chelsea, who prevented the from winning the week's summit on the Etihad Stadium, and talked about living happy moments at Manchester City, and that this was reflected clearly on its objectives in the cup match. 

Shine Lampard, not everything these days, it has been supporting the masses of Chelsea and shouting positive towards him despite shook the net, and his relationship with the beautiful with the public has been Brhuntha yesterday with the rush of a child in the last minutes of the meeting to pitch, and convinces Frank Lampard to take Sylvie him.

Press English sports are all dealt with Frank Lampard, who stole the show of the names was supposed to be a modern time the likes of Di Maria, Diego Costa, and Sergio Aguero and Mesut Ozil, but the experience and the effectiveness of the midfielder settled the conflict and stressed that the gold does not rust.
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