Sunday, July 19, 2015

Manchester United compete with Chelsea to join Barcelona star

Manchester United hopes Spaniard Pedro Rodriguez Barcelona striker annexation, the owner of the tripartite historical (the Spanish league and cup and Champions League football), during the current summer transfer window.

According to the newspaper (Guardian) British edition mail issued Sunday, the Manchester United team and the recommendation of the Dutch coach Louis van Gaal intends to pay 22 million pounds (the value of the penalty clause) to include striker Pedro the owner of the (28-year) before closing the window Il Mercato in the first of September next.

In spite of the attention teams Chelsea and Liverpool annexation of Pedro, who recently renewed his contract with Barca, but the Dutchman Louis van Gaal sees Pedro ideal element in his squad (4-3-3) for the new season.

Since the Barcelona contract with Uruguayan Luis Suarez in the summer of 2014 coming from Liverpool, Pedro struggled to get a key center in coach Luis Enrique lineup, but the latter preferred to rely on Suarez and Messi and Neymar (MSN) in the front line to attack Barca.

And fought Pedro, who won the World Cup and Euro with his Spain squad 0.318 match shirt Barcelona since his ascension to the first team in 2008, scoring 98 goals, also has Pedro blurred image in the United fans memory after he scored a goal against the Red Devils League finale Champions League in 2010-11 on the famous Wembley Stadium and ended the meeting and then win Barcelona (3-1).

Memphis Debye, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Mathieu Darmaan and Morgan Hnaadrljn .. creep scary for the Reds to return to the podium after an absence of three years, it will complement Pedro contracts Manchester United's summer revolution?
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