Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Real Madrid president decided its position on the sale of Manchester United Ramos

Face president Florentino Perez of Real Madrid, and the Spanish summer league last season, an indirect message in response to the news that refers to the desire of Sergio Ramos to leave from the Royal to join the ranks of Manchester United.

Peres said in comments highlighted by the newspaper "Mirror" English: "Iker Casillas is asked to leave the club, and thought the same way as Raul Gonzalez, but there are players within the team of their contracts is still extended, and there is no intention whatsoever in the sale of or alienate them this summer ".

The contract expires Sergio Ramos with the club in the summer of 2017, it was tempting him giving him the captaincy following the transmission Casillas to Porto, but the international defender with 29-year-old, not to feel the financial appreciation, and asked equated Bjarat Bill and Cristiano Ronaldo.

English newspaper added that the official account of Real Madrid on the "Twitter" publishing a picture of a smiling Sergio Ramos after his arrival with the team to Australia to start preparing for the new season camp.
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