Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vilayna is in danger of freezing in the new season

The future of the Belgian Marouane Fellaini midfielder Manchester United is threatened by dangerous in the new season after limiting its participation to less than 20 minutes in the first friendly match in front of Manyo Club America of Mexico, which ended in victory for the Red Devils in order to clean.

And brought to the newspaper "Mirror" English light on Louis van Gaal coach of Manchester United, who justified the sitting Vilayna on the bench remarks that he wants to stand at the level of the other elements of the absence of the player the Belgian for the first 3 games in the Premier League after being sent off in the last meeting in front of Hull City last season .

She added that Marouane Fellaini (27 years) in front of a new challenge to regain his place in the starting line-up and competition newcomers Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Hnaadrljn His only goal against Club America.

Van Gaal also noted that the first interest in the face of the Mexican team was to check on the application of the players to perform defensive tasks, which succeeded it out clean sheet despite the excellence Club America by force and speed.
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