Saturday, August 31, 2019

5 lessons inspired by the height of excitement between Juventus and Napoli

The match between Juventus and Napoli ended in a 4-3 result, after Napoli managed to turn the tables on their old hosts, Juventus, to return in the match after Juventus advanced 3-0, and rejected that defeat And humiliated, and managed to impose a draw dramatically, and then and when everyone thought that the game ended with this result, but the fate of the old lady, amid her supporters and in the castle of the team Allianz Stadium, within the matches of the second round of Serie A
Perhaps the exciting game in its course, full of goals, brings back some of the beautiful images that impressed in the imagination of football fans about the world football committee, Serie A, but we must talk about the game technically, and we list 5 lessons learned from this match.

1 - Speeds solve the bloc complex: Perhaps the follower of the goals Juventus will realize, that the common factor between the first three goals scored, all came from a quick counter-attack lightning, broke the defensive bloc of Napoli, and reached the goal in the center, a sure evidence of the team's training on this The method, to hit the expected brannobi clusters, especially with his slow defense hearts.

2 - Fixed balls lethal weapon: Strangely, 3 other goals in the game also came in the same way, namely, scoring the exploitation of fixed kicks, we saw two goals for Naples, and a goal for Juventus in the same way, which is also the result of intensive training of the two teams to implement, and became a lethal weapon ends a lot of Games, which the team are unable to win from open play.

3 - shrewd interventions Ancelotti: who saw the first half, will assure himself that Juventus will win a landslide, and confirmed his words after the third goal, but what did the veteran coach Ancelotti, his substitutions and read the mistakes and lapses of the old lady, and inserted Lozano to play on Sandro, and benefit from behind two goals, It enabled his team to come back, and almost came out with a result that everyone mimics and immortalizes his name, had it not been for Coulibaly's gag in the final seconds.

4 - Magic of the substitutes: 3 goals out of the seven goals scored in the game, scored by three substitute players, Danilo from Juventus, Lozano, and Giovanni from Naples, which is really rare to have this match for the substitutes with such a large percentage in a match.

5 - Lesson cunning fatal football: football continues to give us continuous lessons, that the lesson in the end, and it is cunning do not reassure her team, it is imagined these scenarios volatile, Is the return of Juventus and sweeping progress three, did anyone imagine that there is a return in front of him ? Then, after the brilliant return of the Partenope, did anyone expect this dramatic end, and the return of victory in the final seconds of the Bianconeri? Of course. No, but she is a witch round malicious, round turn her face at any time against any team, whatever its data and capabilities.

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